Arcane Crypto Logo

Arcane Crypto is a company which sees huge potential in crypto currencies and open blockchains. We see particularly big potential around second layer technologies like the Lightning Network. We are committed to both contribute to this ever-growing ecosystem of programable money and value and make money on the way.

We follow a dual strategy. On the one hand, we invest in and trade cryptocurrencies and related derivatives. On the other hand, we,invest in projects, build partnerships and develop own solutions related to the provision of financial services leveraging the power of crypto currencies. While we will make money on both paths, but the true power of Arcane lies in the synergies between our prop-trading and the financial services that we help build.

The technology opens up fundamentally new possibilities related to value transfer, but only to those capable of managing the complexity of wallets and nodes, and only to those willing to be exposed to the volatile nature of crypto. We believe that Arcane, by leveraging its trading capabilities, can solve this problem.

By pairing our trading with financial services, we will create seamless on and off ramps between normal currencies and crypto and develop different types of hedged services. This way the users will get the benefit of magical internet money, without having to deal with the complexities and volatility related to owning crypto.