The aftermath of the BCH and BSV halvings

It has now been a week since the halvings of the block subsidies on BCH and BSV. As the dust has settled, we can draw some preliminary conclusions regarding the halvings and their effects on the hash rate distribution between the different networks.
Sources: Glassnode and

We predicted that the halvings would lead to a halving of the hash rate of the two networks, which in turn would leave them more vulnerable to 51% attacks.

As predicted, the reward halvings led to hash rate halvings. The chart above show the share of the total SHA-256 hash rate committed to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV over the last month. We can clearly see that the halvings had a dramatic effect on both of the bitcoin forks.

  • The Bitcoin Cash share dropped from 3.4% on average to around 1.5%, a 56% reduction in hash rate.

  • The Bitcoin SV share dropped form 2.39% on average to 1.19%, a 50% reduction in hash rate. 

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