The different bitcoin traders

The bitcoin trading ecosystem is unique. Our latest in-depth report focuses on all the different sections of the ecosystem, but it’s also important to look at the traders who participate.

Bitcoin trading is available on more than 450 exchanges, all offering trading infrastructure for participants to buy and sell bitcoin. The users of these platforms vary in kind – and numerous exchanges position themselves to serve the different traders.  

This blog post is an extract from our latest report: “The Bitcoin Trading Ecosystem”.

The chart below shows that the average trading size for the pair BTC/USD varies between exchanges and gives us a deeper understanding of the users on each platform.

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The Bitcoin Trading Ecosystem - And The Emerging Institutional Infrastructure

Bitcoin has come a long way since the early days of relative obscurity. The evolution is fuelled by a flood of institutional money, both around the infrastructure but also directly into the asset.
Jun 24th 2021